Who watches the watchers?

To surveil a Deekoo is to be surveilled.

The first set of pics of the sevensome of spooklets.

The aspect ratio is weird; for correct proportion, scale the images to a 4Wx3H aspect ratio. (320x240 or 480x360). I haven't scaled 'em because they're jpegs. The first six images in the camera weren't spooks (or so I claim.), and so aren't included.

I clobbered picture 20 by mistake; the thumb remains.

And more:

These are scaled correctly, but the original aspect ratio was weird.

The Agents of Whatever claimed that it was illegal to take pictures of the guy they had chained up. As his presence wasn't voluntary, I suspect posting his visage might be an invasion of privacy (didn't think to ask 'im whilst I was there, anyhow). Therefore, I have permitted shoggoths with the word "Fnord" tattooed on 'em to Occupy his Space. That may also be considered invasory, but all the eyewitnesses are insane, so there.

Also, unless everyone really *IS* part of the conspiracy, some of the blurs are probably bystanders.