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AMTK (2004 Apr 20).

ATFT (2004 Apr 13).

AZAA (2003 Nov 3).

BEIL (2004 May 5 - 2004 May 19).

BIEL (2004 Apr 27 - May 19) - It appears the spammers weren't quite sure what their ticker symbol was. I don't know whether it's BIEL or BEIL, and it's not really worth the time to find out right now.

CFTN - cited as evidence of touter's skill in a spam touting LETH.

CT (2003 December) - on the TSX Venture Exchange, whatever the hell that is). It looks from the spam like they bought a played-out gold mine, most likely brimming with toxic waste.

CSRZ (2004 Jun 21).

CWTD (2004 Feb 23 - 2004 May 21).

OTC: GXXL (2004 Jan 25) - touted (at 4 cents) with a 7 day target of 12 cents and a 30 day target of 27 cents. On July 14th, the going price appears (if I read the Yahoo quotes right) to be... one cent per share.

ECGT - (2004 Jun 1) - "Ecogate Corp." The spam includes their URL.

GMOS - (2004 Jun 1).

OTCBB: IFPG - (2003 Sep 13) - "International Food Products Group".

LETH - (2003 Dec 4).

NTVN (OTC pink sheets) - (2003 January 16) - Natvan. Which the spam hyped as if it were the second coming of GE, or at least of an integrated oil/homeland security/biological pest control company. (Creepy combination, that.) Company officials have announced that they did not authorize the spam run, that the information in misrepresented the company, and that they're trying to track down the perpetrator. (company response).

OPLO - (2004 Jan 19 - 2004 Mar 17).

OSSI - (2003 Oct 29 - 2004 Mar 23).

QTEK - (2004 Feb 11).

RBIO - (2004 Jan 14) - According to "The Einstein Report", RBIO is going to develop a host of medical products. No indication of whether or not it actually *has* any products yet, however.

SEVI (2004 January 27).

SEVU - cited as evidence of the touter's skill in a spam for LETH.

SUQU (2003 September 10).

TBIN (2003 Jan 6).

UDCCF (OTC; 2003 Jan 25).

UPTD (2004 June 27) - touted at $0.89, with a "speculative near term target price" of $2.40 and a long term target of $2.82 (cost of tout: $13,400).
As one might expect from any company with a name as stupid as "uptrend", their stock responded to the tout by sliding down to a low of 40 cents (close of trading, July 14) and has, as of the 20th, crept its way all the way to 81 cents.

VMGP (2003 Feb 13). Touted by someone who apparently wasn't entirely sure whether it was 'VMGP' or 'VGMP'.

VPER (2004 Jan 8th).

XRMD - seems to overlap a rather dubious (and, surprise surprise, spammy) alternative medicine company called "". As of 11-19-2003, they were in debt to the tune of eight million dollars.