The Short List: September/October 2004

I am not an investment counselor.
I would personally benefit from seeing stock spams trigger price crashes, as I believe that would probably reduce the amount of spam I receive over the long run.
I don't own or trade stocks.
Pump-and-dump is not the only possible reason for a stock spam. If spamming LOWERS the value of a stock, it may be seen as beneficial for individuals to tout companies that their competitors own, for example.
My advice comes with NO WARRANTEE WHATSOEVER. If you don't like that, don't take it.
While I am quite capable of predicting the future, any action based on accurate foreknowledge CHANGES the future. That being the case, forward-looking statements can only be relied upon to be true if nobody notices them.
My magic haemhorroids contributed to the analysis of these stocks. Employees are advised to wash their hands after handling this webpage.

Anyhow, without further ado nor subtracto, here is September/October 2004's Short List.

Which, while short right now, is unfortunately expected to get longer.

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AOCP (2004 Sep 15) - Automotive Capital Group, Inc. Or possibly Automotive Capital GR0UP, Inc., as this spammer likes his zer0es.

OTC Pink Sheets: ARMM (2004 July 9th - 2004 Sep 24) - the spammer received $7300 to tell us that the stock will explode on Friday, July 9th. At the time, the stock was supposedly 13 cents.

(On July 9th, my magic haemhorroids predicted that it would implode by Tuesday the 13th.)

On July 10th, a continuation of the ARMM spam flood announced that, for $7300, it would explode on the 12th. The first explosion that the spammer was predicting did indeed occur: The price was up to (hold your breath, folks) thirteen and a *half* cents. This announcement rolled in almost a dozen times on the 11th and 12th.

Early on the 13th, in rolls an announcement that ARMM is set to explode on the 13th. It's now up to fourteen cents. The 3-5 days and two week target prices remain exactly the same (thirty-four and thirty-nine cents, respectively) as they were on the 9th. And this spam, too, claims to have cost $7300. On the 13th, it closed at... 13 and a half. Cents.

And, as of the 15th... Twelve cents. Go magic haemhorroids!

My magic haemhorroids aren't all THAT magic. ARMM's value is only down to ten cents as of close of trading on July 20th.

Not that that stopped them from amending their potential prices to 55 cents in three days and seventy-five in ten on their Jul 20th spam run, mind you. Apparently higher stock tout prices cost more, as this one was $11,500...

And, on August 4th, eager for publicity, ARMM returns to the Short List, with a current price of ten cents and target prices of 45 and 55 cents. And it only cost the sender $7300.

BBOI (2004 September 12).

EESI (2004 October 22).

FOGL (2004 October 4 - 5).

OTC - HSTJ (2004 September 26) - Homeland Security Technology, Inc. According to the tout, currently 1.3 cents with a target of 8.5 cents a share on September 30th. According to Yahoo, HSTJ has stayed comfortably between 1 and 2 cents a share from July 16th through October 18th.

OTCBB: ICRI (2004 October 18) - ICrystal, Inc. The hype seems to translate into "Guitar center is making money and has something to do with music; therefore, when ICrystal (which apparently has nothing to do with music) buys Fat Katz Music, it will make money too." And "this publication and its affiliates may have up to 4.9% equity position in the companies mentioned herein.". Hmm. So who has 4.9% of ICRI?

SDSS (2004 October 12) - Sounds 24-7, Inc.

SGYS (2004 September 1).

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