The Short List: August 2004

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CSDN (2004 August 9).

GENX (2004 August 16) - Genex Pharmeceutical.
Also a Growth St0ck Report special.

KDSC.PK (2004 August 20 - 23) - KidSational, whose product line consists of one of the most derivative movies ever and a kazillion tie-ins.

NTVI (2004 July 14 - 2004 Aug 9) - "Niche Media Ventures, Inc.". The tout for this one claims credit for pumping^Wpicking XLPI up from .70 to $1.60. For $7500, they generously alerted us to this "special company with a unique business model". What is it? *drumroll* A... Technology IPO! What are they offering? "Brand-Spankin-New". No claim as to WHAT, if anything, the company sells (my guess is hot air and uncompilable code, probably wrapped in enough buzzwords that it attracts flies).
On 2004 Aug 8-9, the spammer announced that it was currently 25 cents a share, with a near-term target of $1.12. This time, though, their bot picked an accurate subject header: "swindle,Trading Opportunity - NTVI".

PPFM (2004 August 12 - 26) - The Growth Stock Report brings us "Premier Platform Holding Company, Inc.". According to the spam, '"In recognition of the anticipated financing, we will be changing our corporate name to Premier Medical Technology GR0UP," said Premier Platform Holding Company's President and CEO Richard Hanson and Loren Brink, head of EverWell.'. They also announced that they were going to make more announcements in the future. While I must admit that the ability to fuse two people together into a hybrid monstrosity indicates a higher level of medical skill than is usual for such companies, I must also observe that I do not see a very large market for synthetic siamese twins manufactured from laid-off executives.
The spam did not clarify which head the decision to spell 'group' with a 0 originated with.

QPIX (2004 July 13 - 2004 Aug 4) - Gods know; the spam body is in base64 and I'm not going to go to the trouble of decoding it.

UDVE (2004 August 31).