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(Originally written 2000 November tenth. No electoral college change, but we've got touch-screen voting machines everywhere...)

It's the eve of the third millenium. This time for real, as it seems the control microchips that kept the politicians from making their puppet nature obvious are malfunctioning.

The Media is bouncing up and down on a giant trampoline, all holding up signs that say "LOOK AT FLORIDA!!!!!". And paying no attention whatsoever to the fact that (as of the ninth of November, which was the last time I risked the F rays to watch Party propaganda.) other states haven't yet confirmed their ballots.

Proud scion of the Central Intelligence Agency, Prince Shrub has crowned himself President-Erect without waiting for the votes to be counted. He seems almost to be going out of his way to look stupid.

Bore, true to form, is being Tactful and Dull. He's found that Tactful and Dull helps the general populace to ignore the fact that he's as evil as Shrub.

A circus, to keep the Americans busy, to draw their emotions in... to what end?

Well, to learn the end, watch the propaganda... (with a jaundiced eye, if available. Bleary will do, but don't sit within 100 meters of the screen for more than ten minutes.). The newscasters go on: "Think your vote counts? Think again. It's the electoral college."...

My current conspiracy theory: WHOEVER wins (And it's been decided *months ago* - they're just playing their parts, even if they don't know it...), they will have a strong push from the General Populace to implement election reforms. Something to nuke the Electors, and make it so the questions in Florida won't tarnish their reelection campaign... Maybe throw in a few other Constitutional changes while we're at it. There's those pesky amendments which grant rights to criminals and suspects (which Bore wants to gut.). There's that annoying free speech thing (which Prince Shrub feels should be limited.). If either of those nutters gets to revamp the Constitution, we can expect to see the US go from a republic to a banana republic. If Shrub gets to write the text, maybe we'll get to live in a bananna republic instead.

And the targets are set up, neat little dominoes... Punch-card ballots are The Evil. Vulnerable to fraud. The New Electoral System will be a public ballot, counted on-site by machine, and optionally proofread by poll workers. But don't worry when filling out a public ballot... if you're voting with your neighbours, at least. (And, in case you were curious: The New Voting Machine they've been advertising all over SF is a Public Ballot system. Anyone who's a fast reader and glances at your cards can examine your votes.)