May 3, 2012:

Too many things! Too many things at once!

I *want* to write a semidecentralized encrypted instant messaging program. (Yeah, I've done it before, but this one's BETTER and ALL NEW and PYTHON and people might actually be willing to use it. Well, one person. But she's worth coding custom crypto for.

Instead, I have work (game almost done, it's awesome, buy it!) and work (game engine in progress) and work (A Secret Project that I won't tell you about. Ask Ceiling Cat if you want information.).

In news *completely unrelated* to the Secret Project, I have had the dubious joy of working with Windows and learning about C++. Apparently C++ does not have a standard ABI. Which means that C++ thingies (technical term, that) built with one compiler are probably incompatible with C++ thingies built with another compiler.

Unfortunately, while the ABIs are incompatible, apparently the compilers don't actually bother to TELL you that, so I think I just wasted three days pursuing weird bugs actually caused by 'development environment not the same as vendor's development environment'. I need like, fifteen drinks.


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