April 27, 2012:

Oh look! The Republicans are trying to get rid of Obama/Gingrich/Romneycare again.
... and by 'get rid of' we mean remove one of the bits that should directly benefit people, while keeping the individual mandate that they claim to hate so much in place.

Slightly earlier than I expected. But not actually surprising.

Prediction: they'll ram through a piecemeal repeal; by the time they're done, the individual mandate will remain, but most of the pesky restrictions on insurer behaviour will be gone.

Further predictions: Obama will pass part of the piecemeal repeal and claim that the Republicans are forcing his hand and that the only way to save the rest of the regulation will be to reelect him. (Won't work - once reelected, he won't have to worry about tacking to the left to gain votes.) And within a decade or two, we'll come upon strong evidence that the corporate leaders planned it this way all along.

(Paranoid much, moi? Yes. I'm writing it down so I can check to see if my paranoia is ACCURATE in a few years, since memory is notorious for adjusting itself to be what you believe it to be.)


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