September 23, 2010:
Pesto Mushroom Pizza


Preheat oven to 425. Put foil in oven, edges turned up to catch the Ooze.
Wash the Mushroom. I wound up getting water in the gills and trying to shake most of it out; if you've got more patience, you could prewash it and let it dry a bit before cooking.
Break the stem off the Mushroom. Set it aside for something else, as adding mushroom to the Mushroom pizza would be redundant and not really necessary given the fact that you still have the rest of the Mushroom to use.
Turn the Mushroom upside-down and slather the gills with pesto.
Cut cheese until you have enough to cover the shroom, then cut some more. (I used a colby jack cheese brick; I suspect it'll be a little dull if you use a homogenous cheese brick, but mixing two or three bricks would likely get the same effect.). Crumble the cheese so it's a bunch of chunks instead of slices, then cover the mushroom with it.
Bake for about 18 minutes, rotating it about halfway through.
The result should be a Mushroom buried in bubbling cheese. Allow to cool until it doesn't burn your mouth too badly.

* Mushroom was a 6" or so portobello cap.


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