May 25, 2010:

THAT was a weird recording.

Newt Gingrich apparently recorded a spot stating that Republicans are poised to take back Congress from Nancy Pelosi - but the only way they can do that is if they have Meg Whitman for Governor.

The least disturbing interpretation is that he simply thinks that Republicans are too stupid to realize that the Governor has little influence over the composition of Congress.

Alternatively, he could be implying that a Whitman victory will lead to her fudging the next round of congressional elections, or that they expect Whitman to appoint her allies to replace dead Congresspeople.

Which message did you want to send, Whitman? Were you telling us that you think we're gullible, were you telling us that you think we LIKE election fraud, or were you telling us that what you believe to be our goals are best attained over the dead bodies of your political opponents?

None of these would be good things, you know.


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