January 6, 2010:

The bunch of crooks at the National Republican Congressional Committee seem to have decided that a good fundraising strategy is to call everyone on the Republican voter rolls and drop 'should I renew you for two-fifty or one hundred?' into the middle of what sounds like a coked-out stream-of-consciousness ramble about tax cuts and taking back congress in the hopes that the mark is too stupid to realize that they never actually had an NRCC membership to renew. Is this their standard script or is one salesguy just desperate for his commissions? I did at least get in a good rant about the idiocy of cutting taxes without matching spending cuts, though, even if I doubt he actually _heard_ any of it.

On the other hand, the fundraisers for John Dennis (running in the primary for Pelosi's House seat) are pleasantly lacking in that aura of sleaze which is generally considered Good Salesmanship; and while I think his tax policy is improvident, he actually supports the Bill of Rights. He's got my primary endorsement unless someone comes up with evidence that he's secretly (or not-so-secretly) EEEEEVIL. For that matter, if he winds up running against Pelosi in the final election, he's still got my endorsement - Pelosi voted for retroactive telecoms impunity, despite making a pretense of opposing it in interviews.

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