May 14, 2008:

Do you ever dream of escaping to exotic, exciting locations? Want to get away from the office but are strapped for cash? Make your dreams come true by signing up as a Medical Escort for DIHS!

'Medical Escort' being the nurse whose job it is to travel with a sedated (at least sometimes involuntarily) deportee and keep them doped up until they've reached wherever the government is trying to send them. For this purpose, they've been injecting mixtures of Haloperidol, Lorazepam, and Cogentin. I'd presume the medical escort's job also involves trying to keep the deportee from falling down, since the drug dose given is high enough that at least some deportees were unable to walk. Or talk, which seems to have been the point in several instances.

Charming. Haloperidol (Sold under the brand name Haldol) is one of the nastiest psychiatric drugs on the market, usually reserved for patients crazy enough that tardive dyskinesia is considered an acceptable risk. Shipping them in chains with armed guards would be LESS invasive.


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