December 4, 2008:
Slime Colours: Brown, Red, and Yellow.

I seem to have leveled up in malware management - I now have a standard procedure for dealing with Cutwail infestations when I control a reasonably powerful router between the infected machine and the Internet. Also, I've reported a New Trojan to the clamav virusdb maintainers (it stole WoW passwords for a pack of goldfarmers hosted in Texas). Unfortunately, they seem to have listed my two samples as two separate pieces of malware, when they're fairly clearly a single polymorphic one, which doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

Other odd tasks: implementing things that I thought I'd already done (too many times), and both typesetting a language that I don't understand (Russian) and devising a 7-bit character encoding for it. (Why 7-bit? Well, the target OS for that project is Windows; I don't actually have access to a Russian Windows install, so debugging any problems caused by windows being Smart and actually paying attention to font encoding directives would be a veritable nightmare - and I really don't look forward to the notion of installing a dozen different versions of Windows in a language I don't understand to check for bugs that I might not be able to recognize without understanding the language they're in.).
... and then, a day later, going through and correcting a case problem in the original translated document. I'm not sure WHY every B at the beginning of a word was capitalized...


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