October 6, 2007:

... When I was a child, I wanted to be a writer.

... Two hundred petameters on, I find that I'm doing just that. It's strange to see a forgotten dream come to light. (And with such a wonderful collaborator, too! *grinblush*)

The last pair of CGs for the first episode of the visual novel I'm working on came in, so I went through converting everything to use background dissolves before scenes when possible (and, in the place where that wasn't possible, figured out how to make it happen without making it happen. Yay me!)

And I reluctantly went through and brought the text size back up to what people who aren't me find comfortable to read. (Perhaps that should be a user preference; Papillon thought the small text was terrible, I thought it was good - but then, I also think 1600x1200 is an acceptable monitor resolution. The textbox does become shorter in the scene where it's Totally In The Way, but this doesn't need textshrink because all the lines there are short.

The italic font for narration is back, but this time as an actual font so it will be spaced decently.

And I've finally learnt how to style the menus properly, though this is a disappointingly global operation so I won't be able to use menus in multiple places without writing my own menudisplaywrapper - but at the moment there's only one.

So, I think I'm on track for a release by the end of November (Actually, I think I'm on track for a release by the end of October, but things always take longer than we expect.).

This morneven, I was woken up by:
a jet fighter,
a phone call,
and a jet fighter.

This is an improvement over yesterday, in which I was awakened by:
a jet fighter,
a jet fighter,
the feeling that I should see what time it was since I worked that evening,
a jet fighter,
a dream that I was way late for work,
a jet fighter,
a jet fighter,
and the phone, saying I didn't need to come in that evening after all.

(Note - 'yesterday' may not mean what you think that it does.)


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