October 16, 2007:

(girlfriend): "YAY! We've gotten somewhere!"

(girlfriend): "... it's upside-down, though.

(me): "Oh yeah. Windows draws bmps from bottom to top."

(me): "Try this one."

I've been writing a program to run on Windows and edit titanic data files that I don't actually have. This makes for a rather slow debug cycle, especially given that our sleep schedules are slightly out of whack so the first build had to wait until my girlfriend awoke before she could test it. So it actually took more than a day from project start until completion.

And showcased the sort of embarrassing overlookments that are normally caught in the first run and not seen by anyone but the author.

It also gave rise to comments like 'bmps have formats?' and the addition of format conversion code.

And it's still got one weird bug where it seems to offset the image's alpha channel.

However. It WORKS.

So we now have a partial English translation of Princess Maker 4.

(Why partial? Well, this technique only works with the graphical data. The textual data seems to be stored in an encoding we don't recognize; we suspect from the data and the fact that some of it is supposed to be bigger than the archive it's contained in that it's compressed.)


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