November 6, 2007:
I have arrived safely in England. Intact. Undamaged. (Mostly). Things I realized upon setting up my computer: SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless, because Deekoos like anonymity) forgot to pack my Dvorak keyboard. So I am stuck on a Qwerty. At the moment, there are four known options:
Korean keyboard. It has Hangul letters taped to it. The space bar is FUCKING LOUD and doesn't always work.
Microsoft Natural... oh, wait, Logitech natural... With a tiny right shift and the one I'm currently using is UK. Oops. And I keep missing keys unless I bang it really hard.
Keyboardkeyboard. It has a keyboard attached to the keyboard. Unfortunately, while the midi keyboard works on some windowses, it doesn't on Linux, and the keyboard part of keyboardkeyboard is only slightly less owie than a laptop keyboard.
And other Logitech Natural, which I shall probably p[lug in shortly but which for some reason has ins/del/pgup/pgdn reversed.


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