November 30, 2006:

So, a couple of weeks ago, Yarm became erratic. Random memory corruption leading to crashes in all manner of places - a symptom of dying hardware, typically.

After a little futile dicking with kernels in the hopes that it was not a hardware problem, I finally gave up and moved Yarm's drives into their new home - Transfinity, which is a 2GHz Athlon 64 (Nametagged as '3000+'), in a cute yellow-and-black Wanker Case that some silly person threw out.

That being the case, some things may well be Broken. Please let me know what, if anything, they are.

So far, the only things I've noticed being Broken is that my shiny new nVidia card's closed-source driver won't let me go above 1024x768, which I should get around to fixing at some point - not to mention figuring out some way to keep the driver from doing anything it shouldn't, because I don't trust code I can't inspect in my kernel, and that Lluzhionne would no longer talk to my webcam, pleading ioctl errors. It works when I ignore the errors, though, so that's what it does for now. I really should figure out the real problem at some point, though - probably a change in the size of some struct members.


Monde on 0x7D7 February 0x4:
Yes, I will tolerate the secondary position of my link on your new page, however, since little of much importance happens on Involution these days it would be appreciated if you would change it to choronzon dot org.

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