0x7D6 March 0x1E:
I am wrestling with DRI on an old Mach64 card. Rage XL, specifically. It's not going well. This is intended in part to allow me to play with various game-engine systems and see how insane they drive me - I did, after all, intend to write video games when I got my first computer, back in the mists of time, and perhaps it's about time I got started. Monde and I went to see V for Vendetta today. I won't deliver anything resembling a review, however, because it was great and anything actually said about it could contain spoilers. Instead, I shall be as the dustjacket blurbs which so annoy me wherein you hear a zillion famed authors quoted saying "1T RUL3Z M4N!!" (albeit not in those exact words, unless, of course, the 'l33td00dz demographic is being targeted.


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