0x7D6 February 0x8:

Recently, Monde leeched a bunch of White House PDFs. One of them contained a neat little graph intended to demonstrate how frugal the shrubbery is.

However, the dimensions they chose are a little off. The original graph doesn't show _spending_, it shows _percentage of increase_. Per year.

I took the liberty of changing the graph to show percentages spent compared to 2000, instead of just to the previous year.

Damn borrow-and-spend neoliberals.


Monde from on 0x7D6 February 0x9:
Takes "Lying With Statistics" to a new low. Or is it height?

Frankly, it's not the amount of spending that irks me, so much as what it is being spent ON, or rather, what 80% of it is spent on, and that doesn't even count DEA, NIDA and ONDCP - three of my 'favourite' executive offices.

These three offices should never have been formed. They can spend as much of my tax dollar as they want as long as they obey my order to dismantle them all immediately.

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Panopticon Police #3.1405926 from on 0x7D6 February 0x9:

Just remember we're watching you. Though we can't like, see you or anything. We can...sound threatening. And call you a terrorist. You terrorist!

[Wait, this guy hasn't killed anyone, or even harmed anyone, don't you have to do that before you get called a terrorist?]


THE SOUND YOU JUST HEARD WAS OFFICER 3.1405926 having his ass FIRED for Obstruction of Mass Illusion. I'm his replacement...you...you TERRORIST!

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