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So, one of the staffers in the public relations department of the transportation security administration of the department of homeland security (henceforth to be referred to as PRDOTTSAOTDHS, pronounced exactly unlike it's spelled) got arrested for trying to seduce an ersatz fourteen year old.

The AP story gives his title as 'Deputy press secretary for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security'; an older report, on Silflay Hraka, has him answering email questions for the TSA on matters of boobfeeling. He doesn't evade nearly as much as Shrubbery minions usually do (I gather one of the tricks in Rove's bag is to steadfastly repeat the same statement in response to questioning, whether or not the statement has anything to do with the question.).

I'd find it amusing that perving at an apparently willing sheriff's deputy is a crime and arresting someone for watching an arrest (scroll to the bit about Rajcoomar) is allegedly heroism, but I have to live in the same country as this comedy of buffoonery. Le sigh.

One other thing to watch for - if they're turning into the sort of organization they appear to have been designed to be, this is how they will handle involuntary resignations. Discredit the target with some behaviour intended to outrage Decent Folk before they eject him, so fewer people will take him seriously if he troubles them. And so fewer will mourn if he shoots himself in the face twice in a row.

- A sleepy Deekoo.


Deekoo L. from on 0x7D6 May 0xF:
May, 2006: sundry headlines trumpet 'major shakeups in the Bush Administration'.

Gotta be paranoia. They can't _possibly_ be engaged in internal purges. America doesn't do purges... unless, of course, they do.

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