0x7D6 April 0x3:
As a member of the world's largest religion, I, of course, attended the St. Stupid's Day parade yesterday. (I do so every year, though, sometimes, the parade is rude enough to happen in the middle of the day in spite of my not being awake then, or to take off before I arrive. In fact, the latter is not very unusual, given my laggard nature.)

A few pictures of my outfit that day have been uploaded to Tentacled (Specifically, to pr0n/deekoo/shiny thereon.). Note: while none of the shiny pictures are porny, I don't guarantee that I won't add something pornier on that URL later. And almost everything _else_ on Tentacled is artpr0n; which is to say, not work-safe unless you work as either an artist or a pornographer.


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