0x7D5 November 0x7:
Oh, look, election time again.

All the people are rather dull this time, at least in my district. There is a write-in candidate running for Assessor-Recorder who hasn't actually bothered to make a single statement of position that I can find other than 'vote for Anthony Faber, he's none of the above'. Which is cute and all, but when your record consists of saying nothing in particular at little length and being entered into official minutes as having said 'Ditto!'... sigh.

The propositions make up for it.

H wants to ban handguns in San Francisco. (Rentacops and government agents may still carry handguns, however.). As a member of an endangered species, I would rather have the task of wiping out _MY_ ghetto be as difficult as possible.

The Won't-Somebody-Please-Think-of-the-CHILDREN faction wants to use unwilling underage girls to bear Christian children, so they can have somebody to think about who presumably isn't having sex for at least another twelve years. I'm sorry; I dislike abortion, but anyone who isn't sufficiently responsible to decide whether or not to have a baby _on their own_ is not sufficiently responsible to spend nine months carrying it, either.

The breeding programme, er, parental consent amendment dovetails neatly with the really big trojan horse on the ballot: Proposition 79. When I first encountered it, the petitiongatherer wouldn't let me read the text (side note: there's a really long preschool funding bill now in petition phase that the gatherer wouldn't let me read more than a quarter of floating about. I wonder what's hiding in that? She also claimed not to know that there could be things in the full text not found in the summary.). 79 carries in it language creating a regulatory board, whose jurisdiction seems to be 'making healthcare cheaper'. Said regulatory board has permanent emergency powers and is expressly exempted from having to show cause before enacting emergency regulations.

Fuckheads. Fuckheads all around. I'm off to puzzle over what sort of android I like better and what the power reconfiguration one REALLY does.


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