0x7D5 May 0x12:
I would like to take this opportunity to gloat.

I finally made my open relay *work*.
For values of "work" that are a plausible approximation of work, but don't actually do what the user wants.
As a result, I was able to destroy a significant fraction of a spammer's output.
About forty thousand, to be vague.
And, as an added bonus, I injected a fair degree of false information back into their mailing list. So they'll, ideally, remove a fair percentage of the real people and sell a bunch of bogus addresses as 'Verified Deliverable'. Because, as far as they're concerned, they WERE verified and deliverable.
*fills his honeypot with FIRE ANTS*
*cackles maniacally*
Oh, and if you're a spammer and you want to avoid my honeypot, it's somewhere in the range. HTDH.
Alternatively, they *could* stop portscanning the globe looking for open relays to use...


Queen 333,93, hive 13013/7 Solenopsis Invicta on 0x7D5 May 0x12:
I resent having my people sent to vile nodes and those that operate them. Be ready for a small contingency (oh, maybe 1,000,000,000 soldiers, give or take a few hundred-thousand) to show up in the bathroom while you are naked and explain how this makes us feel. Since we cannot speak we'll have to use our jaws some other way.

Nameless User on 0x7D5 May 0x12:
What is an open relay?

Deekoo L. on 0x7D5 May 0x13:
An open relay is a machine that permits random people to send mail through it sans authentication.

*observes the hymenopterous tide*

I have a pressing commitment elsewhere; that being the case, the solenopsii will answer any further questions you may happen to have...


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