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Masochism is when your hobbies are more Work than the paying joblike activities.

Perl is a nice language, but I'm absolutely terrible at writing XS, and there doesn't seem to be any decent, portable, unicode-supporting, free, small, fast, and cross-platform GUI library available that anyone else has XSified suitably. And, at any rate, Yeemp was getting rather sluggish in many places (due, I suspect, in part to various bits of overhead both in perl and in my algorythms. Including my overuse of objects and 'my $whatzis = $_[0];' in an attempt to keep my code comprehensible.)

For that matter, I'm not sure if such a GUI library exists even in non-XSified form. And if I want TEH HOLE WHIRLED to use Yeemp, I need *something* that's bearable in a GUI.

That being the case, I'm porting Yeemp to C. (Why not C++? Because watching large C++ projects compile makes my eyes bleed, and as near as I can tell the important differences involve both run-time slowdowns and compile-time slowdowns.)

And, for procrastination's sake: a prototype x86 emulator written in 386 assembler completes a naive loop in a little under a third the time it takes dosbox to complete the same loop. Of course, since the prototype only implements eleven instructions, gods only know if it'll still be faster if it's ever finished. Whee.


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