0x7D5 January 0x15:

So, Six Apart has bought LiveJournal.

As I am inclined to mistrust any company that's reached the 'buying other companies' phase of existance, and Monde has already reported that they've apparently been known to relicense things in unpleasant manners, all two or three people who read my blog regularly should be warned that my LiveJournal may spontaneously disappear if I don't like the new terms of service when they appear.

That being the case, be thou reminded: My real blog is on http://deekoo.net/ and posted using Addendat. My LiveJournal is merely a pale shadow that exists to test Addendat's LiveJournal compatibility feature. So if I vanish, that's where to find me again.


Nameless User on 0x7D5 January 0x15:
Testing autoparagraph and new contract.

This should be a separate paragraph.

Nameless User on 0x7D5 February 0x1:
Have created to discuss this. THERE IS AN UNCONFIRMED RUMOUR THAT SIX APART PLANS TO SELL OUT TO YAHOO which would make a Bad Thing Worse, but this might be malarkey. In any case, the community is gaining members but they seem to not be posting yet; word'll get around to someone somewhere who had similar problems with them who'll spill more beans, surely.

Nameless User on 0x7D5 February 0x3:
Not being Livejournal, lj user= tags don't work on Addendat. (One presumes she meant sucks_apart, as that's what shows up in the source.)


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