0x7D5 February 0xC:
So, my webhost had a glitch.
The glitch has since been recovered from, but for a while, much of my stuff was inaccessible. (Incidentally, if you cannot access my site from some locations, the reason may be that their new location is currently behind a firewall that blocks connections from machines with TCP ECN (Explicit Congestion Notification) enabled. Which is annoying, because all *my* machines have it on by default. Oh well, I digress.)
I took advantage of the glitch to embark on some much-needed reorganizations of everything in site that I'd been putting off because I didn't want to break everything when it wasn't already broken.
That being the case, much of the stuff on deekoo.net is currently broken. My blog's back up and should be as it was before.
The web-yeemp client works partially, but all the old weemp accounts have been clobbered. (Old Yeemp accounts on tentacle.net will still work.). Good Sex For Mutants has been started with a fresh database so that I can try to track down the Weird Bug wherein it seemed to be screwing up distance calculations; all old accounts have disappeared. (I probably should include an 'autoexpire profile at' option at some point, but it's on the back burner.)

Anyhow, if anything's broken, *TELL ME*. While breaking, er, reorganizing everything, one thing I noticed was that it looks like Pseudai's been nonfunctional for MONTHS. If you don't tell me when something's broken, *I will not fix it* because I probably won't know about it. Insert exclamation marks here. !!!!! Not THERE, dolt!!! Er. Anyhow. Um. Errrrrr? </whine>


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