0x7D5 February 0x17:
Hopefully, this will behave - a series of abnormally large moths have recently expressed a desire that I adjust the hroool'aq modules, so that I shall do shortly. In the meantime, presentamos a la new Yeemp that fixes a bug that would crash the X client if it tried to wordrap a message, can receive Japanese from GAIM, has arrow keys in the console client (they don't interact well with doublewidth characters yet, however.), and is a little closer to working on Cygwin. We (Monde and I) successfully managed to overlook the entire concept of Valentine's Day. Yay us! (Although I suspect it may have been the day when an incident involving a shoggoth, three girls, and a Naarptikone occurred. In which case, it was all the more day-apropos for us not noticing the date until well afterwards. *grin* And did I mention that Naarptikone have Interesting Tendrils?
Now viewing this post in the 17" monitor that I found in the rain and carried home.
I've been spending an inordinate amount of time fucking with Addendat, too. The next version (and the version deployed on my blogs) will have comment previewing that works, though there's some ormphnorgle overlap with the spam filter that fucks things over. But then, there's five or six such ormphnorgles at any given time. Go try to break my blogs for me, would you?
Wait, that's supposed to be in the green-graph-paper background. I will blame the MOTHS or my INFESTED FINGER. It's off to sleep, which unnatural act will spread ripples across the Surface of the Universe.


PK on 0x7D5 February 0x17:
Hey, I can comment now. Last time I tried, it didn't work at all.

Now I can't remember what I had been going to tell you last time. You said "If something something something, let me know..."

Deekoo L. on 0x7D5 February 0x1A:
I think it was "If it's still broken" or "if it breaks somewhere else". But I may be wrong. *grin*


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