0x7D5 August 0x1A:

The Night Headaches
are a mysterious, excrutiatingly painful condition. They seem to be allergic in nature; at least, the copious amounts of slime, sudden onset, optic pain, and feeling like one's sinuses are going into anaphylactic shock seem to support that theory.

And they only appear at night. What photovore releases its germ plasm in copious profusion between 10PM and 1AM and then stops?

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xauenmurph from on 0x7D5 August 0x1A:
It might be that the headaches peak then because lying down stops your sinuses from draining the irritants and resultant mucous you've been accumulating. Or it could be a dust mite thing with your mattress or pillows.

Come to think of it, you don't keep predictable hours like that, though, do you?

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Deekoo L. from on 0x7D5 August 0x1A:
They're very very occasional, which is part of why they seem so odd - and yes, I'm awake in the middle of the night more often than not. Haven't actually noticed a demon-headache arriving when I *am* in bed, regardless of when it is.

Perhaps it's just some weirdflu...

*goes off to nap. Or to look up symptom lists for every exotic panicdisease - maybe it's a combo infestation of SARS and West Nile!*

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