0x7D4 September 0x1D:

There are THREE Addendat blogs in existance that I know of.

Two of them are me.

Guess what I found in the comments?

No, guess.


Oh, OK. This.

Which has been somewhat edited and buried in tests, but still... still. It appears that either a spambot thinks Addendat's comment form resembles one that it's already programmed for, some fucktard actually edited their spamware to target Addendat, someone's spamming by hand, or the spamware just hits EVERY gods-damned form it encounters. The amount of progetplus.it spam found in a websearch indicates that it's probably not hand-done.

That being the case - Addendat 0.9 has a comment spam countermeasure hook. If someone tries to post something matching a user-defined regex (the default is probably not comprehensive enough, though), the poster will have to confirm that they've Read Something first. Confirmation text and the required response are both adjustable (and should be adjusted, of course.) The default is an annoying contract obligating 'em to give you money if they're a bot.


Nameless User on 0x7D4 September 0x1E:
So. Does it refrain from crashing?

Deekoo L. on 0x7D4 October 0x2:
As far as I know. Was it crashing on addition to one of my samples, or on yours?


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