0x7D4 September 0x17:

After hearing for the oompty-ninth time about the bugginess of whatever webring.org (or was it com?) had morphed into, I finally got a round tuit. Which I promptly turned into a moebius tuit and used as the basis for my newest reinvented wheel: Loops. Which is essentially a webring script that makes Möbius-strip-shaped webrings. Which have "over" in addition to the expected forward/backward/random/list options.

Let me know if there're any bugs, as it's not all that thoroughly tested. (though the tentaclesex webloop appears to work.)

[Edit: Especially when I type 'loops.cgi' where I had typed 'loop.cgi'.]


Nameless User on 0x7D4 October 0x4:
Your're a moron!!! You owed them money some way and you were in 3rd parties collection. Due to state laws that can't release account information and can't even tell you that it's in regards to a debt without breaking the state laws. I know the amount is incredibly small but if you get anymore calls like that, it pretty much means you owe money somewhere. Third party collection agencies do not know exactly what you used or purchased so, don't expect them to tell you what it's for (the files are provided by the client like gulf state/ OSI and don't have that kind of information attached). Usually debts are sold to other agencies, then these agencies hire third party collection agencies to collect upon them. They have everything on you. ssn, addressed, work, where you used to live. They have hundreds of tracers who are hired just to find people. The burden of proof is on the debtor (guilty until proven innocent as they say). If you have more than one debt get a lawyer, you'll need one. By the way co-operate with them and they can tell you whether the debt belongs to you or not. Verify the info. like SSN.

Deekoo L. on 0x7D4 October 0x6:

(I presume that this is about my Gulf State Credit page, as my webloops have yet to have anything to do with debts. Though I could start the Gulf State Credit Sucks webloop, I suppose.)

So, I'm supposed to take the word of a total stranger cold-calling me that I do, in fact, owe money to them as a result of a transaction with a company that I have never purchased services from in my life, in spite of the fact that they can't even tell me what I owe 'em money for.

And I'm supposed to believe that privacy laws permit the sale of SSN/name/address lists for debt collection, yet deny the creditor the right to tell another creditor what service was purchased? That might make sense if it was medical bills. They claimed it was an AT&T bill. Hm. Maybe I bought long distance and an orchidotomy, privacy laws prohibit them from disclosing same, and the trauma has caused me to lose all memory of the incision, or the horrible SQUISHING noise the Death Star made when it ingested the removed organs?

Are most people that gullible?

And, if so, why am I a programmer when I could just write up a program to attach random amounts to a randomly selected people in some huge database, then hire scamsters to collect the amounts for me on commission?

Oh, yeah, I remember now.

"ethics". The damn things are so limiting.

And to think. If they hadn't switched my table with the guy who had a hairy toothy eyeball growing out of his, er, orchids, I'd be running OSI by now.


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