0x7D4 October 0x4:

The other day, I found someone clinging to my jacket in the middle of the night and looping along my shoulder.

Naturally, I took them home.

They promptly wrapped themselves up in a coccoon.

Today, they emerged.

And I got pictures.

A crowded lap

Aow, of course, had his own idea of who should be in front of the lens. (In fact, since I had jar, lens, and keyboard on my lap, the addition of an Aow triggered the fall of the lens-bearing device.

After assorted shufflings, though, I was able to get these pictures of my new houseguest.


Moth! 2!

Moth! 3!!!

Of course, I'm still not sure what he is - though he looks rather like the pictures of the Large Maple Spanworm, the caterpillar phase looked rather less similar. And the leaf of choice for wrapping in was not the maple, though I don't know if that's significant.


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