0x7D4 October 0x14:

The Bush/Cheney campaign a new endorsement, it appears.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find transcripts of Iranian state television anywhere. Not being able to read Farsi doesn't help in this task, though.


Fayanora on 0x7D4 October 0x15:
Have you seen Fareignheit 9/11? Spectacular stuff, man. Didn't know half the shit Bushy Boy was up to. Bush is a dirty dirty crook, and is butt-buddies with the Iranians.

Deekoo L. on 0x7D4 October 0x1B:
*nod* Had seen it, though I don't recall anything about Bush II and the Iranians in it. (The Saudis, however, seem to've used him as a sock puppet so much that his arse can take 'em without lubrication.) Now, who will win the other two coveted Axis of Evil endorsements?


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