0x7D4 October 0x13:
And yes, I have an ulterior bug, but I'm not telling you what it is. In the interests of integrating properly with my peers, I have decided to take large quantities of silly quizzes! Yay! You are Farouk Bello. You are Executive Director
of Commercial Bank of Africa. Your client was in a car accident along the shagamu express
road. You can't find his relatives so you want to share his $25.4 million with me. You
require my positive response.
Which Nigerian spammer are You?

You are .cgi Your life seems a bit too scripted,
and sometimes you are exploited. Still a workhorse though.
Which File Extension are You?
And this one's actually accurate!


Nameless User on 0x7D4 October 0x15:
I'm .HTML myself. :-) Chaotic Blessings; ---Fay


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