0x7D4 November 0x4:

I've written a sample voting machine program to show off just how trivial trojaning the 2002 and 2004 elections could have been. So, can you tell which of these two is trojaned?
So the Bonesman has bowed to the Bonesman and conceded the lead to him.

I was expecting something a little more dramatic, like a nuke on the west coast and a temporary state of emergency. But I *was* expecting Kerry to surrender to his cohort partway through.

Reportedly, at least one piece of mass media reported the anti-war/anti-Bush demonstration in SF as a protest for health care.

An ES&S tech is being sent out to fix the fact that apparently their machines couldn't count the instant runoff ballots in those situations where there wasn't a clear majority on first-choice votes alone.

And the voting machine code is SOOPER SEEKRIT.


The Prevarication Prognostication Perpetuation Party on 0x7D4 December 0x9:
We at the Prevarication Prognostication Perpetration Perpetuation Party (aka P-5) are proud to announce our top Prognosticator, the perplexingly priggish but plasmatically prismic pirate, Mr. Calm McReeleiffe, sits upon a large stack of paper printouts containing the polymathematically-proven presidential prestidigitation prediction poll pickings. Pocketing every pernicious palabra popping past the punditry poltroon posse, Pirate Calm McReeleiffe probably or at least possibly, and some say positively, pinged a point on the previous President's pants, pretty practically poking the pissant's posterior in the process. Upon which he pried open his piehole and proceeded to pester people with pithy platitudes and pathos...predictably, primroses, pansies and petunias in parkways peaked and passed into post-petalled posthumousness. Prissy Miss Purr Gattory, the President's Persian pussycat, pined for her past place on the perimeter patio. The polls are in, the parsimonious persnickety pretender is popular, but not POPULIST, pretty soon, per prediction, pratfalls, perversion and finally passing from prominence proceed. Patience, patience.


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