0x7D4 March 0x14
And, coupled with the new layout, I've used Windows for longer in the past two days than in the past two months[1]. Not out of some desired to be coddled interfacewise, you understand. I find command-lines friendlier than GUIs, as I'm sure anyone who listens to me is utterly tired of hearing over and over. Nor out of a New Game. Rather, it's because I'm busy Embracing and Extending. Which is to say, I'm working on a couple segments of the Pumelo. (Or maybe I should call it the Pomelo.) Fltk-utf8 compiles under Cygwin on Windows Me. Now all I need to do is learn XS (and possibly fragments of C++) so's to write the wrapper necessary to get Yeemp to run it. (Why not GTK? Because the Windows version of GTK really doesn't like my attempts to get the perl wrapper to work. And, not knowing XS, it's easier to write my own wrapper for something that seems like it might do a chunk of what I want than to read enough of perl's GTK module to fix it. I suck.) Now, to go hammer the Really Stupid Segfault some more. Finally tired of having to pole-vault over a piano to fold myself into my desk. So The Desk Layout has been reorganized for better feng shui, and I'm now using a Desk Covered In Tinfoil.


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