0x7D4 February 0x2
Starting sometime in the last two or three days of January, my spam disappeared.
Wow. Did someone shoot Alan Ralsky? Was there a sudden attack of good taste that caused the hundred zillion offers to enlorge yr littul weenee to disappear? Had Chinanet's old admins been reassigned to gulagnet?
No.'s mailserver was down.
It's back up now. Reconfigured, too. Maildir is dead. (It deserved it. Gah, one file per spam?). So on the one hand mutt (at least in default config) doesn't work anymore. And the imap server seems to be being funny. (I say 'seems to be' because it might be the chaos-side pine config instead.) On the other hand... mail works now.
(Mail, for the nonunixy, is a command line interface that's only a tiny bit more user-friendly than telnetting into the IMAP port of your server. It's beautiful.) It doesn't support MIME. I love it. If it didn't already exist, I'd have to write it.
I see Atkins has discovered targeted marketing. At least, that's the only explanation I can think of for why they have an animated banner ad on an article about a man who claims to've made himself seriously ill by eating an all McDonald's diet. (Warning: The link wants to pop up crap if you have Javascript enabled.)


Monde on 0x7D4 February 0x1C:
The page died. Aw shucks. You have multicellular columns.


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