0x7D4 December 0x1F:
We have a technical...
Or, in this case, a new Yeemp release. I've cleaned up (or mangled, as the case may be) the Gtk UI significantly - xeemp can now be controlled without once touching the mouse, and no longer fills the screen with a zillion tiny windows, and multiline text entries now get the line height from the font instead of assuming that it's 30px high, and it will try to force itself into a UTF-8 locale automatically. The oggslave behaves a little better, only falling back to a console beep when it can't play the ogg it was trying to. Account creation behaves better. Yeemp is happy with perl 5.6.1 and GPG 1.0.6 again. The interactive clients will respond to SIGUSR2 by enabling debug messages, which hopefully will enable me to poke the infinite loop bug(s) a little more effectively. Reconnection works better. In the console client, w and /w now accept regexes for more manageable output with long contact lists. And the AIM plugin will now strip spaces from contact names, in the interests of sanity.
Be warned. Tentacle.net will be moving soon, which means that I'll be sans email for a while (probably a couple weeks) as it does. Also that the public Yeemp server will cease to exist for those two weeks.


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