0x7D4 August 0x9
This is in the technical section. Newline follows and precedes. Double newline follows and precedes.
A br precedes.
Fnord. Fnord. Fnord.
Testing style control. A newline separated the word 'newline' from 'separated'. A double newline will follow. And precede.

Now, here's a paragraph in a P tag.

And a paragraph with a
<br> in it.


hpet on 0x7D4 August 0xA:
Integrating LJ into deekoo.net?

Deekoo L. on 0x7D4 August 0xD:

Fixing it so my posts'll no longer have different layout on deekoo.net and LJ.

I suppose the addendat sample should be updated, too, someyear.


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