0x7D4 April 0x10

Am tired of banging my head against Windows' unwillingness to link, tendency to segfault, and apparent incomprehension of select(). That being the case, Yeemp 0.9.3pre7 (beta for Yeemp 0.9.3) is now up for leeching. Changes: a crash in the stdio (not Term::ReadKey) interface has been fixed. It errors loudly if it's just fucked up your contact list. It can deal with ICQ auto-away messages to a degree. A bug that simulated an extra click in the Gtk interface's fixed. A couple other minor bugfixes. There's a possibility that the console client may lurch erratically along in a vague semblance of functionality under Cygwin. But still no Windows GUI. *sigh*. I don't suppose anyone reading this has succeeded in getting a decent substitute for select() on stdin working under Cygwin?


Nameless User on 0x7D4 August 0xF:
i will be helpful and mention that i'm running os x. i'm pretty happy with it. i'm pretty much just sampling the software you're using here. welp, that pretty much does it.


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