0x7D3 September 0x1A
What did the priest say after completing the inventory at the Vatican's Fungus Research Laboratory?

"Cogito ergot sum".


Vakratunda on 0x7D3 September 0x1A:
I think; ergot is? .

Vakratunda on 0x7D3 September 0x1A:
No, no. 'I think; I am ergot'. .

PK on 0x7D3 September 0x1A:

Gremliness on 0x7D3 September 0x1B:
I am not certain that I understand it. I still think it's funny!

Ergotism Abatement Tsar for Maine on 0x7D3 September 0x1B:
You are in violation of Title 12, paragraph 19(d) of the Victory Act. As you know, rye humor is illegal in the United States of America.

Nameless User on 0x7D3 September 0x1D:
burp sword


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