0x7D3 October 0xA
Determination: A wheelchair is indeed the easiest way to get a 17" monitor up the hill to the Secret Underground Base. Said New Monitor is now attached to Monde's machine. It's nifty. (And Nethack looks *great* on it!). SillyContestTime - Whomsoever correctly guesses how much the shiny new 17" CRT cost me wins their choice of a kiss or a pomelo. Ich bin luminescing. *gryn* Bouncybouncybouncy. Ask Monde why. *bouncybouncybouncy* Unrelated events: YESTERDAY: A tentacle demon walks into a bar. There was actually a good reason. I had a question, you see. I needed, for religious reasons, to learn the answer to an important question. Specifically, when the pumelos would return. The dollar had become separated from my Note, so the eight-balls were consulted to divine the answer. The three balls Spake. And one said "You may rely on it.". Or something to that effect. It was clear that the pumelos would return. TODAY: Whilst walking down Evangelism, or possibly Purpose, Hybrids were seen. Plums merged with apricots merged with nectarines. One entered in Quest of Fuel and found: Huge. Green. Limelike in colour. Eight inches across. Pumelos. On top of pomelos. There were some shaddocks mixed in. And a few pummelos. NOW: Atop my monitor, a great green pomelo sits next to the security lesion.


Monde the Confused on 0x7D3 October 0x12:
I must say I loved the Tentacle Monster cartoon: that hasta be the first time a Keenspace cartoon ever did anything for me. I find most Keenspace content to be posited directly over the Normality Zone, especially the capital city thereof, known as the net-world's central nexus of Dork Worship. Did this change? Or have I been mistaken from the start here, having just seen a lot of crappy Keenspacers?

Deekoo on 0x7D3 October 0x15:
As near as I can tell, the more normal it is, the more likely Keenspace/Keenspot is to have 900 banners pointing at it.

mr p on 0x7D3 November 0xE:
this site is a googlewhack see It is the only site on google to contain lycanthropic nectarines try it!


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