0x7D3 May 0x3
Yeemp 0.7pre3 is now available. Important changes: ICQ works better. Plugins can be configured from within the clients. THe shoggoths are happier. Various message-related problems were fixed. Now works with openssl 0.9.6b and gpg 1.0.4 again. Yeemp no longer chokes on clock-skewed keys. The console client can control whether or not it beeps. Shoggoth caching has been added, which, at the price of increasing traffic analysis vulnerability, significantly increases message delivery speed. (This is user-configurable, of course.) Sendyeemp can send files. Deekoo is asleep, so this may be fairly broken. Let me know if any bugs're found.

In other semirelevant news, weemp's been fixed and now works properly again.

And this entry contains no references to bumblebees. Well, except that one.


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