0x7D3 June 0x3
Addendat 0.7 released. Now with Documentation That Might Even Make Sense.


podkayne on 0x7D3 June 0xB:
I have,while reading, done plenty of things from the apparently honorable to the distinctly unsavory, but never before finding this site have I gotten high without even sneaking a glance at a chemical substance used for such. Should you be hiring Devoted Followers I'd gladly sign over my soul, comic books, current balance of good/bad karma, and gonads, and throw in a litre of AB blood. Have a nice day.

Deekoo on 0x7D3 June 0x15:
Woo. You compliment me muchly. *shimmers*

Greetings and a provisional Welcome to the Order That Is No Order.
To what continent would one travel to conduct the Initiation Rites? (and, should the answer be alta california, then there may well be a task for Devoted Followers (and not quite what one might think.))

podkayne on 0x7D3 June 0x18:
The continent is still North America,but the precise location is somewhat to the east and slightly north...Meaning Quebec. Since this is a certain distance away,and since the vagaries of fate will not soon be sending me any closer (if they ever will), I'm afraid the date of initiation might have to be set back a little. Still,I'm perfectly willing to cook a little mischief in the name of whatever (un)ruler I've just picked myself. (One is thinking of flowers and butterflies.Two and Three are reserving judgment.) In hope that this message will find you well, podkayne


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