0x7D3 June 0x14
I would like to make an official announcement:

Thank you for your attention.


Nameless User on 0x7D3 June 0x19:
Me neither. Thanx for the stuff about those cretin spammers. It was so engrossing I checked out the rest of your site(s). Refreshing to find cognitive input on my retinal screens instead of the usual diatribes extolling the virtues of dogma, hivethink and other mental masturbations of the psychedelically challenged.

Aei-yaaeii on 0x7D3 July 0x1:
Are you absolUUUtely CERRRtain about thisss? If I am nnnot mistaaaaken, one such as you quite REG-ularly engaaages in sensual arousal proCEEDures thaat induce the lengthening, broadening, and rigidification by increasing the bloodflow to the spongiform tissues inside your convex spew nozzle - producing an erect condition of same. Such a maddeningly slow processsss to have to endure to become able to invade another's concavity, whichever concavity you find yourself most comPELLED to inVADE! Either to have one's arrowflesh swell-up, as a male must, or have glands splut out enough moistness to slicken up one's slit-hole, as a female must...NEITHER can approach the obvious superior elegance of the [...absolutely unpronounceable and inexpressible "species name" of the particular xenodimensional propping up mind and hands of THRAAM, D.M. to type this post...] way of doing it: my state is by its own nature that of arousal, so there is no inflate/deflate or wetness/dryness screwing up the divine rise to fucksplosion and spasmostasy. You male beings have the fasterness advantage...I'm sure I need not TELL you how LONG it takes a cooze to ooze, although I can think of more than a few times and more than a feverfew of females in which I can say I, by dint of my presence, undoubtedly managed to hasten the occurrence of said effect. That said, I'm off and spinning, leaving vexation and perplexity wherever I go and fromever I depart. This is no exception. Since Monde can never say or write the particular name I am using in this continuum PROPerly, or even THINK it exactly right most of the time - let me be signed off as merely ( )


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