0x7D3 July 0xC

I've thrown a prerelease of Yeemp 0.7.1 up for download. It fixes an assortment of bugs in the ICQ plugin (including one that made the X client soak up insane amounts of CPU time if the server disconnected you). It adds support for using subterfugue to sandbox the SSL shoggoth as a defense against possible undiscovered security holes in OpenSSL (though note that a security hole in subterfugue or your kernel could be used by an OpenSSL exploit to crawl out of the sandbox.). It fixes some bugs in the Yeemp client, including one that soaked up extra bandwidth and disk space.

In addition, I finally remembered to put the prototype Good Sex For Mutants CGI up. I will expect Federal funding for it, as I believe it meets the criteria for faith-based charitable activities. Suggested addenda to the question-list or code will be welcomed; some good maps with latitude and longitude marked that I can use in it would also be.


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