0x7D3 January 0x17

Sync-Separator exposed a bug in Weemp that was eating messages to subuser accounts. I've fixed the bug in Yeemp 0.6.2, and also polished the interface on the clients and ICQ plugin slightly.

While looking in my error logs to figure out what was going on, I noticed that another Yeemp (YeempBBS, no relation to the Yeemp-that-was-once-YeempEMP) was 500ing. This should be fixed now.

I've also made an apt repository available for other Debian users. (And likely other apt-based distributions as well.).

Went to the anti-Iraq-war protest on Saturday. To counter the preaching-to-the-choir effect, I circled around the edges some and made sure that all the security cameras outside the Federal Building got a good view of both sides of my sign. (And the pro-war protesters, too. They seemed rather downcast about the number difference.). Didn't think to bring our camera, which's a pity as there were a few surrealisms-worth-photographing (Like the IAO (NOTE: The IAO removed the Illuminati imagery from their website a while back, so it's now rather more dull. And it won't load from anywhere where Der Enemies Du Das Reich dwell, like England.) Mobile Detention Unit).


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