0x7D3 December 0x11
<%technical%> DO COME FROM (69)

A valid statement in Intercal.

Tasks for beforenextweek:
Learn enough Scheme to add a fairly trivial feature to batchgimp. (which is a bunch of perl programs that write scheme programs to control gimp. Which'll be fun, as that means Lluzhionne will be able to do Gimp filters soonish...)
Requisite Discoveries: OK, so I guess I'm *not* the only person who thought 'condition data data' would be easier on the parser than 'data condition data'.


Going out, one thinks. Will one need one's purse? No? Then leave it home. Eight blocks out, one passes a box containing a brokenwinged avatar of what seems to be a Hindu diety (or possibly a syncretic angel) amongst Energy Rearranging Coils. Stuff all the Energy Rearranging Coils into one's pockets and go onward.

Go a block further than you had originally planned after endpoint, no point in mind. The coils interact with the forces to produce a steady downward vectorpressure. And finding, found, a pair of computers that had been thrown out. P166 and 486DX, respectively. Not boxen I want to drag all the way through the subterranean passages leading to the cavern in which my base has been constructed.

Thence begins the Quest for a Screwdriver-Equivalent. None of the plugs in my jacket will turn a screw; neither will my keys (which is just as well. Breaking one's front door key retrieving a bunch of old HDs is probably not a worthwhile tradeoff.). However, a 14.4 modem (The only card not screwed down.) turns out adequate, at least to get the netcard out so's I can then use it to take the metal plate off the modem's arse and bend that around to make a less-awkward jabby screwturner.

Of course, when I finally do get the whole mess off, I find the coils have filled all the pocketspace. (Unless I want my pants falling off from gravitic excess, at least.).


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