0x7D3 August 0x2
Why is it that large corporations prefer to hire web designers who wouldn't understand cross-platform compatibility if it was compatible with their rectal cavities?
I can understand banks and governments doing dumbfuck things like making the SSL bit of their websites IE-dependant. They're neither technical nor do they expect their users to be concerned with security.
And I gather some companies think that nobody uses Linux on their home machines, and suchlike nonsense... but for Ghods' sakes (Made from the finest fermented souls!), you'd *think* that you should be able to use Lynx-SSL or Konqueror to sign up for Linuxworld.

Meanwhile, back at ~: Yeemp 0.7.1 is up and will be inflicted upon the rest of the universe shortly.


mjstone on 0x7D3 August 0x2:
I absolutely HATE that people dress the silliest websites for IE only. My university was doing it until I pitched a major fit until they changed the main UT site to at least allow Mozilla/Safari.

Monde on 0x7D3 August 0x9:
Nitpick: For some reason I can't figure out for the life, death or rebirth of me...your first tag looks like this:

Deekoo L. on 0x7D3 August 0xD:
&rt; is the new SGML Righter-Than entity, to be used when your regular entities just aren't right enough.


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