0x7D3 August 0x1D
Today's giant Yeemp adds AIM support, fixes various bugs, and shouldn't lose your contact list when your disk fills up. It also adds Cyrillic, Kana, Ogham, and Runic (Although that last is something of a mess, as the Unicode Consortium tangled three or four different futharks together. Someone who actually uses runes and can help me untangle the mess would be appreciated.) input tables, and support for using input tables in X as well as console.


PK on 0x7D3 August 0x1D:
I think the Unicodists worked not by understanding alphabets, but by mooshing together all existing character set standards, duplicating their flaws.

PK on 0x7D3 August 0x1F:
Oh, and when I read your entries in my LJ friends view, the text comes out as black on black.

Deekoo L. on 0x7D3 September 0x8:
100% flaw-compatibility is, according to the Unicode Consortium, apparently a feature. (So is, apparently, having separate characters for things like "arabic numeral 15 in parnetheses", "arabic numeral 15 in a circle", "arabic numeral 15 in a solid circle", and while we're at it we apparently need special glyphs for common abbreviations. *Sigh*. If I felt up to trying to figure out a Chinese dictionary, I'd make my own character set instead.)


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