0x7D3 April 0xC
Debating with internal organs:
The silly-cog say "blip vnirrrwhpt quuuwuuuhlmnnaarg"
The sleepy bits say "Sleep", perhaps due to only having gotten four hours or so of sleep.
The stomachs are demanding various mutually conflicting things, none of which the have room for since the Pizza Storage Organ is currently at capacity.
Monde's comma is in a funny place.
The embedded springs are bouncing.
My otic sensor is Holy.
I cannot remember whether it was Today or Yesterday that my middle ear became Enlightened, but a Renamed Tarball full of Config Files emerged emergently.
Some say that that means Memory Holes. But I don't remember any memory holes. Diagnostic Procedures are conclusively inconclusive.


Monde on 0x7D3 May 0x7:
Took me a while to sniff out what you meant by "otic sensor". Hee...


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