0x7D2 September 0xB
SCENE: Deep within the bowels of the Pentagon, a pentagram glows in colours not natural to a sane earth.
Blood flows over the altar. DOKTOR MUNIHAUSEN JUNIOR presides, bearing a lightening-motif dagger.
At the other points stand DAVID MISCAVIGE, GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH (currently in his younger Form), SADDAM HUSSEIN, and VLADIMIR PUTIN.
The sacrifice dissolves into a particularly noisome cloud.
The visage of OSAMA BIN LADEN appears, grinning from ear to ear.
MUNIHAUSEN speaks thusly: "Have you any news of the Ancient Enemy?"
OSAMA responds, in a voice echoing of subway gas attacks: "They remain shielded to me. I need more power."
GEORGE states: "What's to assure us that ya'll deliver if'n we change you more, huh? We gave you eighty billyun and a whole lotta sacreefice over the last two years, and ya'll still as useless as you were in why too kay!"
VLADIMIR (in Russian): "My servant, although inarticulate as ever, is right. We will provide you the sacrifices necessary to finish your transformation only after you provide demonstrable results."
OSAMA's visage: "And you expect me to succeed where even the lloigor have failed, but will not give me the power necessary to do so?"
SADDAM: "I was wondering. How is the propaganda campaign going? How many people now believe in you?"
OSAMA (laughing): "More than ever before. The Americans are actually stupid enough to go along with making September 11th a holiday."
GEORGE (also grinning): "They acterly bought it! A party for their own funeral!"
VLADIMIR: "Enough. Are the plans in place?"
SADDAM: "Yes. When our nuke hits Congress next week, any survivors will be in such shock that they'll embrace their own obsolesence."


Shaggy Sarlyk on 0x7D2 September 0xC:
Eeeeeeeeyah. Dark scenario of sardonic conspiratorial rites, hilarity would ensue were it not so closely scratching the realm of that which could be For Real.

Nameless User on 0x7D2 September 0xC:
monde on livejournal sent me this way. Am I ever so glad I took the directions. There are some secret strategeries going on and that's damn certain. I've been privy to some of these discussions myself: here and there. Keep mining the heart of darkness.

the reverend on 0x7D2 September 0x15:
I was at the last meeting. they're right in asking for proof; the bin ladens have tried this stunt before.

Nameless User on 0x7D2 September 0x1A:


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